The Nexus 6 was this close to having a fingerprint sensor


Google’s Nexus 6 offers just about every option you could want in the latest and greatest Android smartphone. It nearly had one more feature: A fingerprint sensor. Thanks to a little sleuthing by Ron Amadeo at Ars Technica, we now know early versions of the Nexus 6, along with Android 5.0 software, were ready to support it, but the feature was pulled near the end of the development cycle.

Amadeo found references to the fingerprint reader in the AOSP, or Android Open Source Project, repository. Multiple code commits to the repository mentioned the scanner — as well as the codename Shamu, a reference to the Nexus 6 — and its implementation methods such as enrolling fingers and hiding the fingerprint API until it was completed. In late August, however, there’s a project commit that simply pulls the function, explaining why we don’t see it on the Nexus 6 today.

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