The New York Times open-sources its Hive crowdsourcing platform


A couple of months ago, the New York Times rolled out an interesting project called Madison, in which the newspaper asked readers to help the paper identify old print ads by going to a website and answering questions — and even in some cases transcribing the actual text in the ads. Now, the company is open-sourcing the platform it built for that project, known as Hive, so that others can use it for their own experiments in crowdsourcing.

Matt Boggie, executive director of the Times‘ research lab, said in an interview that not long after the paper started its Madison project, it became obvious to the R&D team that plenty of other publishers would be interested in having a tool that would allow them to build and manager similar experiments, so Hive was developed from the beginning with an eye towards releasing it to the world.

“There’s a…

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