Say Hello to the Bitcasa Cloud Storage Platform


Helping Solve the Developer’s Dilemma Since 2014

Developers – the day you all have been waiting for is finally here! Today we announced the general availability of Bitcasa CloudFS, the world’s first cloud file system APIs that give developers control of user data and brand experience.

We were recently at Boxworks – that’s right, we go to Boxworks – talking to a developer working in the healthcare space who was a leveraging a Box API. He described a cringe-inducing scenario where his users were forced to register for a Box account before they could even use his application, and much of the user experience was hijacked by our friends at Box. And the worst part about this poor developer’s setup – Box got to keep his customers’ data, which hardly seems fair.

But what’s the alternative? For many developers building their own file system on top of public cloud…

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